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1. Analysis of Recursive DFT Filtering Based Grid Synchronization of Distributed Generation System / Chitti Babu, B ; Sridharan, K ; Rosolowski, E ; Leonowicz, Z [I08/2014/I-069] [ENY-PREPRINT-2014-014]
A converter-interfaced distributed generation (DG) system, like, wind power system, photovoltaic (PV) and micro-turbine-generator system, requires a fast and exact detection of phase and fundamental frequency of grid current in order to implement the control algorithm of power converters by generating reference currents signals. [...]
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2. Comparison between DFT, Adaptive Window DFT and EDFT for Power Quality Frequency Spectrum Analysis / Grossoni, M ; Giarnetti, S ; Leccese, F ; Leonowicz, Z [DOI: 10.13140/2.1.3741.1849] [ENY-ARTICLE-2010-292]
Spectral leakage and picket-fence effects associated with the system fundamental frequency variation and improperly selected sampling time window prevents a direct application of the DFT algorithm with a constant sampling rate. [...]
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3. Pomiar impedancji z wykorzystaniem algorytmu adaptacyjnego / Piotrowicz, J [ENY-ARTICLE-2009-261]
Pomiary impedancji wymagają stabilnej częstotliwości pomiarowej. [...]
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4. Dyskretne przekształcenie Fouriera / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2008-009]
Dyskretne przekształcenie Fouriera (ang. [...]
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5. Dyskretna transformacja Fouriera / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-TEACHING-2008-008]
Celem wiczenia jest przeprowadzenie analizy widmowej sygnałów okresowych za pomocą szybkiego przekształcenia Fouriera (FFT) .
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