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1. How to Reduce Errors of Distance Fault Locating Algorithms / Wiszniewski, A [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-198]
Distance fault locating digital algorithms are often based on the processing of fundamental components which are contained in the currents and Voltages. [...]
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2. Adaptive Measurement of Power System Currents, Voltages and Impedances in Off-nominal Frequency Conditions / Szafran, J ; Rebizant, W ; Michalik, M [I08/1999/I-047] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-162]
In the paper the problem of basic power system electric quantities (current, voltage magnitudes, power and impedance) measurement in off-nominal frequency conditions is considered under assumption thal the quantities are calculated from orthogonal components of input current and voltage phasors which are obtained by use of the nonrecursive digital filters. [...]
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3. Adaptive and intelligent systems for generator monitoring and protection purposes / Rebizant, W ; Szafran, J ; Lee, S J ; Kang, S H [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-148]
New adaptive scheme for signal parameter measurement for generator monitoring and protection is presented. [...]
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4. Distanzschutz mit Mikrorechnern / Koglin, H J ; Lobos, T [I08/1980/P-128] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-058]
Nachdem erst vor kurzem in der Schutztechnik die Technologie der elektromechanischen Relais durch den elektronischen ("statischen") Schutz abgelöst wurde, stehen wir zur Zeit bereits wieder vor einer Wende: Die Technologie der Mikroprozessoren macht auch vor diesem Bereich nicht halt; im Gegenteil: der Mikrorechner ist für die schwierigen Meßaufgaben in der Schutztechnik geradezu prädestiniert. [...]
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