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251. Zadania 1 Podstawy Elektrotechniki Automatyka i Robotyka / Hejke, I ; Sikorski, T [ENY-TEACHING-2008-020]
Podstawy elektrotechniki; Automatyka i Robotyka , Rok I LISTA PIERWSZA Zakres: Prąd stały. [...]
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252. Linia długa / Rezmer, J [ENY-TEACHING-2008-019]
W przypadkach gdy wymiary geometryczne układów elektrycznych są porównywalne z długością fali elektromagnetycznej, to nie spełniają one warunku quasi-stacjonarności i powinny być opisywane ogólnymi metodami teorii pola elektromagnetycznego. [...]
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253. Adaptive and intelligent systems for generator monitoring and protection purposes / Rebizant, W ; Szafran, J ; Lee, S J ; Kang, S H [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-148]
New adaptive scheme for signal parameter measurement for generator monitoring and protection is presented. [...]
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254. Prediction of CT saturation period for differential relay adaptation purposes / Rebizant, W ; Hayder, T ; Schiel, L [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-147]
A new approach to CT saturation assessment is presented in the paper. [...]
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255. Current Transformer Saturation Detection with Genetically Optimized Neural Networks / Rebizant, W ; Bejmert, D [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-146]
Application of the genetic algorithm (GA) for optimization of artificial neural network (ANN) based CT saturation detector is presented. [...]
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256. Wavelet Transform Approach to High Impedance Fault Detection in MV Networks / Michalik, M ; Rebizant, W ; Lukowicz, M ; Lee, S J ; et al [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-145]
Application of wavelet transform technique to high impedance arcing fault detection in distribution networks is presented. [...]
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257. Assignment 3 - Analysis of a nonlinear system / Khan, U N [ENY-TEACHING-2008-018]
Compute and draw phase portraits using Matlab or other simulation software of one or more of the following nonlinear dynamical systems: buckling beam (eq. [...]
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258. Wind Power Generation-related Power Quality Issues / Lu, Y [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-144]
As a promising renewable alternative, the wind power is highly expected to contribute a significant part of generation in power systems in the future, but this also bring new integration related power quality issues, which mainly consist of power flow fluctuation analyzed with current, voltage fluctuation and flicker severity factor (P lt and P st ) as ‘ case study ’ , by its comparatively new characteristics, due to the fluctuation nature of the wind (velocity) and the comparatively new type of its generators (currently popular type of squirrel-cage induction). [...]
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259. Application of thermal imaging in electrical equipment examination / Szafron, C [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-143]
The paper states about applying thermal imaging measurement methods to electrical equipment diagnostics. [...]
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260. Impact of Distributed Generation on Electrical Power Network / Khan, U N [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-142]
In today’s world, the demand for the electric power is growing rapidly; to overcome this, many power generation resources are constructing in all over the globe. [...]
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