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1. Fault Location in Power Networks with Mixed Feeders using the Complex Space-Phasor and Hilbert-Huang Transform / Bernadić, A ; Leonowicz, Z [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijepes.2012.04.012] [ENY-ARTICLE-2012-339]
The paper introduces a practical approach to power system fault location in power networks using advanced fault signal processing. [...]
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2. Modeling of overhead transmission lines with line surge arresters for lightning overvoltages / Jaroszewski, M ; Pospieszna, J ; Ranachowski, P ; Rejmund, F [ENY-ARTICLE-2012-312]
Lightning is one of the most significant source of overvoltages in overhead transmission lines. [...]
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3. Power Quality Report in MV and HV networks / Leonowicz, Z [ENY-REPORT-2010-003]
Example of a power quality report related to generator unit and 110 kV transmission line.
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4. Möglichkeiten für einen digitalen Leitungsdifferentialschutz mit Symmetrischen Komponenten / Hosemann, G ; Lobos, T [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-056]
Ein neues Verfahren für den digitalen Leitungsdifferentialschutz wird vorgestellt. [...]
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