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Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Reactor with Back Discharges and Parallel Gas Flow / Kacprzyk, R ; Miśta, W ; Czapka, T [ENY-ARTICLE-2011-302]
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Non-thermal plasma reactor with back corona discharghe electrode. / Czapka, T ; Kacprzyk, R [ENY-ARTICLE-2011-303]
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Odors Control with Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor / Czapka, T ; Mielcarek, W ; Warycha, J ; Prociow, K ; et al [AZ I07/2008/I-087] [ENY-ARTICLE-2009-255]
Recent public concern about air pollution from production units has prompted more research to develop methods to reduce and control odors. [...]
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The effect of a metallic particle near a spacer on flashover phenomena in SF6. / Mazurek, B ; Cross, J D ; Heeswijk van, R G [I07/1992/P-451] [ENY-ARTICLE-2008-072]
This paper presents a study of the flashover mechanism initiated by metallic particles in SF6 gas. [...]
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